And with the blood and violence thats when Darkness Falls
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 The Red Rule

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PostSubject: The Red Rule   Mon 20 Apr 2009, 12:55 am

We have people from different beliefs and backgrounds here so there is to be no slander, prejudice or racist remarks of any kind.
There is to be no pushing of any religion or belief. You may share your beliefs in an appropriate way but DO NOT push them on others. Respect peoples feelings and beliefs. Since this is a fictitious world we would prefer if you kept this sort of thing to a minimum as in this different realm it is most likely not to exist.
There is also to be NO CYBER SEX.
While we encourage naughty comments, innuendo and some sexual play we do not allow full on sexual situations.
If you attempt to write about sex on the board it will be removed and so will you.
Break any of these rules and you will be banned!
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The Red Rule
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