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 Role Play Rules-Updated!**

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PostSubject: Role Play Rules-Updated!**   Role Play Rules-Updated!** I_icon_minitimeMon 20 Apr 2009, 1:08 am

This is a role play site, so out of character posting is discouraged.
As mentioned in the rules there is an area for such writing.
Keep in mind that when posting you are in character and therefore
are replying to other characters, not people in real life.
But again remember that this is not XXX site.
Everyone likes to get down and dirty, we encourage such but keep the other members in mind.

Creating your character
When creating a character please remember a few things:
1.Your character can not be as powerful as a god, or even be a god. We like for all characters to have at least one weakness, otherwise it takes the fun out of things.
2.Remember that your user name will be your characters name so please choose wisely. If for any reason you need a name change we are able to do so for you but only once. After your 1st free change you are stuck with that name.
3.If you want a character that is more powerful than the regular members of that group please speak with the person who is leader of the group you have or will join.
4.After joining the site you will apply for certain groups, i.e.: Vampire, Shapeshifter, Demon, etc.
Some of these groups do overlap, but certain ones have different roles in our little community.
5. You can only apply for ONE group.

We currently only have 7 groups. As far as we know we have not left out
any creatures. If so please feel free to PM one of the Admin. and we
will gladly create a section for said creature.

Now just in case you are not sure here is a basic rundown of all groups.
-For starters once you join a group that is it you cannot switch it up
halfway through, if you chose wrong and have not posted yet then feel
free to change but once you have begun posting you are your character
and you cannot change.

-Also basically every creature on this board is or can be
immortal but please remember just because you're immortal does not mean
you are all powerful. Everyone has a weakness and you cannot have all
the powers of the universe. To keep this place fun no one is allowed to be all powerful, not even the
Admin. we are trying to keep things fair for everyone so please remember
so when creating your character bio.

Rule of Engagement (Fighting)
Here is just a few quick rules for any fights that I am sure WILL break out.
First, You DO NOT control the person you are fighting with so you cannot predict or know
what they are going to do, feel , hit or miss. (Some leeway is given to
make your descriptions better but do not try and control another person
character unless they inform you it is ok to do so.)

Second, You ARE NOT invincible, so you will
not miss EVERY shot thrown at you! Make sure you take a few for your
team. You are also not a perfect shot that's gonna make every single
hit! So you will miss a couple as well as make a couple.

And third, Respect your opponent. They are here for fun just as you are.
Since there is no killing no one wins or loses you just kick the crap
outta each other till one of you gives up.

***Please keep in mind that we are not about 'peace' here we are about 'respect'. You are permitted to be enemies with a character, or create your character how you would like-personality wise. With that said, other members may or may not wish to have a rivalry with your character. As with anything on the board you are allowed to respond to a player (so long as you do not insult them based upon personal or real life facts) in the manner your character naturally would.
If for any reason someone does not want to proceed with that line of interaction they are not forced to do so. If you feel the other person is being rude or you simply do not wish to continue the story line they have developed with you please PM the Admin or Moderators. We will peacefully sort out and settle the matter.

Groups explained in 'Rundown of Creatures'
*Keep in mind if you do not see a certain group you would like to join and in turn would prefer to create your own for hybrids or a breed we have not yet listed please contact one of the DF Admin and we will be more than happy to assist.

After Introduction
Once you have posted your introduction feel free to post on the board.
-Please note each species section has their own leader and house.
-Please do not create an additional house as this can cause confusion and clutter.
-We would like for all members to live under one house but be sure to check with your leader before making any additions. It is after all their domain and they can refuse a change.
-This rule only applies to creating houses, if in the 'Reality' or 'Welcome Center' sections you wish to create a thread for a topic or question please feel free to do so.
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Role Play Rules-Updated!**
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