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 Basic Terms and Knowledge

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PostSubject: Basic Terms and Knowledge   Sat 27 Jun 2009, 11:25 am

For those of you who have never been on a message board there are some terms and things used that you may not be familiar with. Here is the basic rundown. Feel free to also ask about any phrases you may not understand, remember you might not be the only one so by asking your helping others out.

Admin (Administration)-
The person or persons who created and run this board. They are the ones who control everything, if theres a problem you go to them.
Mod's (Moderators)- They are the 2nd in command to the Admin. They handle small problems on the board like people not following rules and help keep everyone in line so we can all enjoy ourselves.
Post-Posting is writing on the board.
PM (Private Messaging)- If you want to ask someone something but not make it known to the whole board you send them a private message that only they can view. No one not even the Admin. or Mod's can view it.
Avi-Short for avatar is the little picture under your name that everyone can see.
Siggy (Signature)-When you post on the board underneath it it leaves a sort of tag for every one of your posts, most people put quotes in theirs. The Siggy is constant it does not change unless you change it in your profile, if so it will change on all of your previous posts.
Sticky-A sticky is a sort of notice. Think of a post it note. Its something quick to remind you or let you know of knowledge that might help you.
Announcement-Something important on the board that you will need to read immediately to ensure you are up to date with everything.

****These are just some of the terms used on Message Boards. Most of us are used to the Boards and tend to spit them out with no problem because they are just so normal for us so if you see us use any terms you are unfamilar with do not hesitate to ask. We do not judge anyone here and everyone is always more than willing to help. You can ask other members but I only ask that you post it here so that way other members who have the same problem can learn as well.
Again, Thank You!
DF Admin.


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Basic Terms and Knowledge
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