And with the blood and violence thats when Darkness Falls
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 The How To's of Darkness Falls

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PostSubject: The How To's of Darkness Falls   Sat 27 Jun 2009, 12:01 pm

How to add an Avi-To add an avatar to your profile you must do three things.
1.Click on the link Profile at the top of the page.
2.Click on the link for Avatar which is located below the normal things for Usergroups and Profile.
3.Choose to upload it from your computer or using a link.

If you are uploading from your computer make sure it is the right size or it will not load. It is easier to load it from a website, usually because you can change the size of the photo. If you want a picture that is not on facebook but a regular site you can do one of two things.
A. Right click and click 'Save Image As' onto your computer and upload it from there or,
B. Right click and choose 'Copy Image location' and then place that in the section for 'Link to an off-site Avatar'

How to add a Siggy-To add a Signature you must also go to your Profile. The link for your Siggy will be next to the link for your Avatar. You can just put in words or if you want you can put in a picture. To put in a picture click the button that say's image. A small code will appear that will seal it and allow the image to be viewed. Please keep the image small so it does not stretch the whole board. You can also insert a link to another website.

If you do not want the whole name of the link to appear or would like to make it into something like a link to a picture of cookies follow these steps.
1.To have the link say only 'Cookies' enter the code '[url='.
2.Then paste in the link to your picture.
3.After the link is inserted put a ']' .
4.Then type the word or words you would like to appear i.e. 'Cookies'
5.After that enter the code '[/url]'.
Your end result should look like this '[url=http://.......]Cookies[ /url]'
(The only reason there is a space between the 'in the example is so you are able to see it. If not the code will disappear and insert the link you have just created.)

[color=red]How to add a picture-
To add a picture follow the steps to inserting an image in your Siggy by using the [img] code instead of [url] or you can choose the button at the top of your tools section that looks like a photo.

****If there is anything on the board you do not know how to do and would like it to be explained please do not hesitate to ask. We're here to help and have you enjoy your time here. Thank You!
DF Admin.


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The How To's of Darkness Falls
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