And with the blood and violence thats when Darkness Falls
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 The world in which we play.

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PostSubject: The world in which we play.   Fri 14 Sep 2012, 2:49 pm

Given recent activity, it seems important to make it clear how this little world works.
Darknessfalls is a town in a world where immortal beings are in control. Demons and vampires rule the night, and the fae and shifters rule the day.
Although the witches you meet in Darknessfalls are extremly powerful, they still are mortal and will someday die.
There are no illnesses in this world that would effect humans, mortals or immortals.
Humans are a rarety in this world. And most humans are kept as pets by their supiorors, or they are fed from, or turned
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The world in which we play.
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